Enjoy the benefits of waterproof flooring

Waterproof flooring allows you to cater to many needs with a single floor covering. You'll gain protection, gorgeous visuals, and a reasonable lifespan, with extended benefits mixed in with it. This excellent product line offers plenty of ways to meet your needs in every room.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice to meet this need, with features that are sure to please. The more you know about what’s available, the better the products will serve you when you choose them. Here are some facts to consider as you start the process.

Performance and durability benefits

Waterproof vinyl flooring offers complete waterproof protection and guards against scratches, stains, and dents, even in your busiest spaces. In addition, you'll find a wear and protective layer customizable to your specific requirements. And choosing personalized performance will serve you in every room of your home, regardless of traffic and activity levels.

With professional installation and regular care, luxury vinyl flooring should last 20 years or more. You can add even more protection by adding well-placed runners or area rugs to guard against daily wear and foot traffic. You'll find waterproof vinyl flooring a fantastic addition to every room.

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Visual benefits

As you browse the waterproof flooring line, you'll find products that mimic all-natural materials for a stunning décor match. These products take on the appearance of wood, stone, and porcelain tile, with gorgeous colors, textures, and layouts. You'll also find more artistic designs and styles to meet all your unique visual needs.

You can speed up your shopping experience by focusing on what meets your visual needs and skipping what doesn't. Look for waterproof and water-resistant flooring that will fit your existing décor scheme in color, style, and design. We’re always here to help.

We have the waterproof flooring that fits your need

Floor Systems is a flooring company that offers a 9,000-square-foot showroom and an open warehouse. We have separate entrances for contractors, flooring installers, and DIY clients and offer a commercial flooring division. You'll find that we have all the tools and installation materials necessary for do-it-yourself flooring projects.

When you visit our Lisbon, ME, showroom, our experienced associates are standing by, ready to help you. Our waterproof flooring selection is sure to meet your needs. We look forward to serving you, along with residents and businesses in and around Auburn, ME, Brunswick, ME, Portland, ME, Augusta, ME, Waterville, ME, Bath, ME, Rockland, ME, Bethel, ME, and Farmington, ME.