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When you need the perfect area rugs, you should know there are many available options to meet your every need. From great visual perfection to impressive durability and protection, there's a piece for every homeowner's need. The extensive selection may initially feel overwhelming, but we can help you find your perfect match.

Start by sharing your specific requirements and preferences with us while you're here. Then, we can shorten the shopping experience by focusing on your needs and matching them from our inventory. Here are some options you can choose when you start your shopping experience.

Which rugs for which rooms?

Living room rugs are some of the most common rugs bought because they help beautify and protect the space. Choose beautiful colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and bindings to match any décor scheme you have in place currently. You’ll have access to extensive trends that could keep you stylish for years.

Area rugs are also perfect for the amount of traffic that comes through your living room, especially if you choose a product with built-in stain protection. In addition, these products guard against permanent stains and matting to give you better-looking, longer-lasting living room rugs.

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Extended benefits of rugs

An area rug is great for visual appeal and durability, but what else can it do? When placed beneath heavy furniture, they can help prevent denting and crushing of the products beneath them. Also, they're perfect for helping to "ground" furniture, especially in the dining room with its many different pieces.

Adding rugs to high-traffic areas, especially with pets and children, helps reduce noise by soaking up some of the sounds. In addition, when placed in bedrooms and children's rooms, they help create a warm and comfortable space, so shop our rugs for sale to find your best match.

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If you’re looking for the best rugs, you’ll find plenty of available products with extensive options and benefits at Floor Systems. We offer the largest selection of area rugs North of Connecticut, with a vast inventory at all price points. There's something for everyone, regardless of your need, and we'll ensure that you find your perfect fit at a price point you can afford.

At our showroom in Lisbon, ME, we offer standard and custom area rugs, with an inventory of over 4,000 pieces available for your consideration. When you spend time at our showroom, you’ll find everything you need for the best rug experience. We proudly cater to residents and businesses in and around Auburn, ME, Brunswick, ME, Portland, ME, Augusta, ME, Waterville, ME, Bath, ME, Rockland, ME, Bethel, ME, and Farmington, ME.