Floors & décor

Floors & décor

Choosing flooring can be intimidating on its own, not to mention the added challenge of matching your new flooring with your current décor. Thankfully, the Floor Systems team is here to help you make your flooring improvement project as smooth as possible. Here’s your all-in-one guide to selecting types of flooring, matching flooring with décor, and choosing the best time of year for installation.

Matching floors with décor

When it comes to matching flooring with existing décor, begin by identifying a common theme.- Is there a shared material like wood or stone throughout your décor? What about a consistent color palette or accent color in art, pillows or accessories? Use this common theme to inform your flooring material. For example, if wooden objects (frames, wooden art, etc.) are present in your space, look to hardwood flooring options to compliment the décor and create a consistent theme.

If your room features complex or bright décor, you may want to consider the addition of a simple area rug, which can anchor the room without competing with your favorite pieces .If your décor has a color theme, keep this in mind when it comes to choosing flooring. For example, if much of your décor is blue, an elegant laminate flooring or a neutral white carpet might be great options to create balance in your space.

If you have questions about matching flooring with your décor, reach out to an interior designer or visit our team of experts at Floor Systems, 89 Lisbon St. in Lisbon, ME. We’d be happy to help you with the process.


When it comes to choosing flooring, arguably the most important factor is its use. No matter how aesthetically pleasing a flooring choice may be, if it prevents you from using the space the way you want to, it’s the wrong option. If you’ve recently welcomed a newborn baby into your family, hardwood floors may not be the best choice. Instead, consider a carpet for a baby’s room, which will inspire safe, soft playtime and dampen noises. And for added piece of mind, our wear resistance options offer stain resistance and peace of mind.

Although carpets feel luxurious, hardwood floors, laminate or tile are best for rooms that are more prone to drips and spills, such as dining rooms and kitchens. Hardwood floors offer a stylish and versatile look in any dining room, and are easy to pair with existing decor. If you’re on a budget, laminate flooring can provide the classic look of hardwood floors without the maintenance or price tag. Whatever the room, whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your space when you put practicality first.

When to replace flooring

It can be difficult to tell when your flooring needs a bit of maintenance, and when it needs to be replaced. If your beautiful hardwood has a couple scrapes, don’t panic – they can easily be refinished to fix up minor scrapes. But if your once-proud floors are warping, torn or cracked, it’s time to consider replacing your flooring.

One important consideration around flooring installation that many of us overlook is the time of year. Reflooring projects are inherently disruptive and will require multiple entryways to be open for a long time, so choosing to replace your kitchen flooring in the dead of winter may not be the best choice. Instead, spring, summer and early fall might be a better option (and your family will thank you!). Humidity is also a key consideration. Hardwood is sensitive and prone to cracks, chips or ridges between boards if it’s installed in either extremely humid or extremely dry conditions. The best time of year to install hardwood is the fall, as spring and summer bring increased humidity.

Floor Systems is here for you

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to flooring, but here at Floor Systems, we have the experience and knowledge to make sure your flooring project is done right. Whether you have interior design questions, or you’re just curious about the pros and cons of different flooring choices, our team of experts is here to guide you. Visit us today or give us a call at @@phone@@. We’re looking forward to working with you!