Is it time to replace your kitchen floor?

Is it time to replace your kitchen floor?

The kitchen is the center of a home. It’s where family members and guests enter. It’s where dinners are prepared and snacks are grabbed during the day. Your kitchen gets a lot of traffic, and it might be where you spend a lot of your time! The kitchen floor needs to be able to stand up to wear and tear, and it needs to fit the style of your home while making everyone feel welcome.

Here are some things to think about as you decide if it’s time to replace your kitchen floor.

Condition of your floor

Sometimes it can be pretty obvious you need to replace your kitchen floor. If it’s sustained major water damage and is starting to visibly warp or peel in large chunks, you definitely need to replace the floor. Doing so can help you prevent further issues down the road if the water seeped under the floor, where it can cause rot or mold issues.

A more subtle change, but one that also indicates it’s time for a new floor is if you notice bowing or buckling. Getting new flooring prevents this issue from progressing and perhaps causing bigger structural issues.

Cracks in the floor are easily noticeable, and can easily grow once started. If you’ve noticed cracks in your kitchen floor, start the planning process for a replacement now so you can have the project taken care of before the cracks get out of control and give your kitchen a messy, unclean crook.

Fading, or general discoloration of the floor, is another good indication that your kitchen floor has done its duty and needs to be retired.

Style of your floor

Does the condition of your floor seem generally okay, but maybe just a bit worn out? Or are you just tired of looking at it and don’t think it fits in well with your lifestyle? Those are both perfectly valid reasons to replace your kitchen floor – after all, it’s your home and you deserve to be comfortable in your surroundings.

With the range of flooring available today, there’s no reason to stick with 20th century linoleum just because it’s what was there when you moved in, and that’s what you always thought kitchens should have. Luxury vinyl can give you the look of hardwood, while providing protection from water. Tile floors can update your decor while providing the necessary durability for the kitchen’s foot traffic and inevitable spills.

Perhaps you’ve had a life change that makes your current floors just not quite right for your lifestyle anymore. Kids and pets make a more durable floor a must. Even a newly discovered passion for baking or cooking – or just the time to do it – can make a different floor in your kitchen a must.

Other factors to consider

The timing of putting in a new kitchen floor also matters. If you’re ready to take on a bigger kitchen renovation project, like updating cabinets or even just replacing appliances, it makes sense to replace your floor at the same time. This way, you can coordinate the colors and styles of the kitchen elements.

Are you doing flooring in other rooms of your house? Perhaps you’re looking at new luxury vinyl or tile floors for your bathrooms – take the opportunity to look at styles you might like for your kitchen, too. Whether you’re doing the DIY project or having installers come in, doing the projects all at once can often make the whole process easier. The tools are out, the time is reserved – just get it done!

We’re here to help!

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