Choosing flooring for rental properties

Choosing flooring for rental properties

Whether you own an apartment building with long-term tenants or are preparing an Airbnb rental for short-term visitors, the flooring you install matters. It needs to be eye-catching for online listings while remaining durable and easy to maintain.

Durable & low-maintenance

When you own a rental property, you need to keep the costs and time commitment manageable. Certain flooring types are going to be easier to clean and will stand up better to frequent foot traffic, spills and furniture arrangement.

Our first tip – stay away from wall-to-wall carpeting. It attracts dust, hair and is overall difficult to clean. If it does get damaged, you will need to replace the entire carpet rather than just a section as you can often do with other types of flooring.

Laminate, vinyl and tile are all easy-to-clean, durable options for a rental. Laminate is a great choice for living areas, dining areas and bedrooms. Vinyl and tile stand up well to spills and moisture, so we recommend opting for those materials in the rental’s kitchen or bathroom. However, keep in mind that you may need to spend a little more time cleaning grout if you do go with tile flooring.

Hardwood is also durable, but is a better choice for long-term, residential rentals than it is for a short-term Airbnb where people – sometimes large groups – may be coming in and out without being as invested in the long-term treatment of your floors. If you do opt for hardwood flooring, be mindful of the type of wood that you choose. Softer woods such as pine are more susceptible to scratches, so for a rental property oak or maple may be a better choice even though they can be more expensive upfront.

Styles to catch the eye in online photos

Getting potential renters interested is the first step for a successful rental. With most people searching online, you need to create a visually appealing space that stands out in photos.

Not everyone has the same style, but the flooring you choose should complement your preferred aesthetic whether it’s a beach house, a city apartment or a cozy ski cabin.

Lighter flooring looks great in photos and helps a space look larger, so you may want to opt for lighter colored laminate if you’d like the look of hardwood floors without the maintenance and durability issues.

To add a pop of color in a room, consider having a pattern of tiles on the floor, whether in one section or throughout the room. Try incorporating some blue tiles into the flooring at a beach house, or create a bohemian mosaic if you’re trying to rent out a trendy apartment in the city.

Area rugs are another great choice for adding color and flair to your rooms. They can also provide some of the comfort of carpets while being much easier to clean or replace. For a sophisticated yet cozy look in a living room, choose area rugs in muted tones. Add brightly colored rugs to hallways to help protect the floors and add a playful accent that pops in photos.

Don’t let a dingy brown carpet or dirty tile take away from the overall positive impact of your rental listing photos. Choose light or bright looks that stand out and make potential renters stop and look – and then send you a message!